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Live your dreams and unleash your full potential. Become authentic and charismatic.

Start living relationship on an equal basis now, both at work or with a partner.

The resources you need are hidden in you. Together we will detect all your obstacles, increasing the skills you need to overcome them.

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Our commitment

We, as Headwrights, dedicate ourselves to developing one’s personality, gearing it towards being authentic and sovereign. We strive for a more abundant and content lifestyle.

A special focus is tributed to all social issues regarding both professional life and relationships. We deem the development of both the masculine and the feminine potentials on equal terms to be essential.

Life’s strife and hassle

We believe that most of life’s strife and hassle are related to issues concerning self-awareness, self-esteem, self-confidence, personal beliefs and being authentic. More than anything, we focus on the outside world and the outward appearance of ourself and our life.

Always hunting for appreciation and conformity. Competing with others, we contort and hide away our true selves in order to outmatch the others. There are so may options available to choose from to create your life, but on the other hand, the discontentment of contemporary people has run off-scale.

We are convinced that focussing on ourselves, our needs, wishes, dreams, preferences as well as acquiring a real and authentic lifestyle will result in a content and fulfilled life.

The Three Pillars

By strengthening the three pillars – self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem – we begin to be authentic and lead a coherent life instead of striving for compliance with others in order to stimulate other people’s approval.

By being authentic and independent of others true freedom can be gained as well as taking responsibility for all aspect of our lives.

Our aim is to cultivate those factors not only in our own lives, but to let others participate in the process. We achieve this through articles covering specific topics in a refined and dedicated way and providing access to the nuts and bolts of these issues.

Hybrid Approach

We benefit from the fact that we can look at life’s issues from almost diametric angles. Aurel as an IT expert with a more secular and pragmatic approach, and Christian, as a Theologian, with a more spiritual perspective.

Life isn’t that much of a bitch than we often think. Thousands of specialists on virtually every field of expertise can help to blur the big picture – and thus losing faith in our skills to cope with adverse situations.

We hope that we can contribute to the welfare of others with our work and help making the world a better place.

About us

I am Christian. I love folk music, sessions and the sound of a bass and the fiddle.

Taizé chants make me think of God’s lovely creation, men, animals and nature. Oh, Jesus, I love listening to R.E.M.. My all-time favourite film: Renegade with Terence Hill: Blokes teaming up and supporting each other.

Together with my best friend I could go stealing horses, I love to make music with my father (it was already pretty cool as a child, though). Sometimes, going on a trip with my mother is heartening – and my younger brother is a true companion (but long ago I used to hate little siblings).

I have travelled a lot, and thus I regard myself as a globetrotter (with two nationalities ;-)), hoping to have committed to making the world a better place one day.


I am Aurel.

A down-to-the-earth dreamer, solid as a rock.

I hate describing myself ;-)- it feels like being a bit stiff in the neck.

Well, here we go:

I regard everything in my life that scares me or makes me feel uncomfortable as a challenges I deliberately chose to accept.

Over the years as a dad and employee in a big company, I strayed from the path. It took me a long time off erring and pondering over purposeless duties, but I now I am back on the tracks.

I have set out to live a life according to my own rules and by being 100% authentic. I don’t know how I could forget how good this feels.

Ok, there is loss on the way. Some people who have been accustomed to you wearing a mask might turn away when you reveal your true self.

On the other hand, new people will join your life who appreciate me just because of who I am. Feels great, by the way.

I love to create visible results when I work on things. Then, I enter the flow, and I am perfectly focussed so that time begins to fly.

My pulse is upbeat when I am driving a heavily motorised car or motorcycle.

I am intrigued by human interaction including all its pitfalls. Analysing patterns, shedding light on the truth and unravelling human entanglements feels like transcending space and time.

My mode of contemplation is dancing to electronic beats. Then, I become one with the music, forgetting the world around me. There is only me and the music. Lingering in the present, without considering the past or the future.

Now that you have got a little insight, feel free to ask me any question…



Lost in dreams

Maybe this one’s for you: There is a moment in life where reality practically opposes your dreams. You wake up from one of these enchanting dreams, realising you were actually dreaming. But why? That’s how it should be. Sometimes, dreams become a hideout/retreat/refuge from real life. Yet, the would-be safe-haven can be treacherous. While we’re …